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Municipal HallFinance

The Finance department is responsible for the administration of and fee collection for municipal taxes, utilities, and homeowner grants. The department prepares and manages the annual budget, financial statements, and five-year capital plans. Grants-in-aid and the grant writer are also managed under the Finance department, along with tax sales, payroll, and accounts receivable.

Property Taxes

Tax notices are mailed to residents in the spring each year. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to pay their taxes by the due date (usually falls on the day after the Canada Day statutory holiday).

There are two options to pay taxes:

  • In-person at the District of Vanderhoof office; it is not necessary to bring your tax notice, but it is helpful
  • Online through your personal online banking;
    • add the District of Vanderhoof as a payee by searching Vanderhoof District Taxes
    • use the Account Number from your notice; if your banking institution requires a certain amount of digits be entered, add as many zeroes necessary in front of your Account Number
Home Owner Grant

The home owner grant is designed to help homeowners with their property taxes. To determine eligibility, please refer to the Explanatory Notes – Home Owner Grant on the back of your property tax notice.

There are two categories of grants which may reduce your property taxes payable. Depending on your home’s assessed value and your age, you may qualify for one of the following:

  • Basic Grant: up to $770
  • Additional Grant: for those 65 and older of up to $1045

Homeowners eligible for the basic grant must pay a minimum property tax of $350 after the grant is applied. Homeowners eligible for the additional grant must pay a minimum property tax of $100 after the grant is applied.

The Home Owner Grant must be claimed by the Tax Due Date to avoid penalty. You will not receive the grant if you fail to complete the application form.

There are now two options for claiming your Home Owner Grant:

  • Use the form on your property tax notice and deliver to the District of Vanderhoof office
  • Apply online below using the PIN from your notice as the Password (the online is usually disabled from Jan 1st until the current year’s tax notices are sent out.)

Unclaimed grants constitute unpaid current taxes and are subject to penalties. You may claim the grant without making a payment. Your grant must be claimed each and every year that you are eligible.

Apply Today

Asset Management

The District of Vanderhoof’s infrastructure is the foundation for and provides vital services to the community such as drinking water, sanitation, transportation and recreation. These services contribute significantly to the vitality of the community, as well as to the economy of the region; supporting our vision of being a thriving, diversified and sustainable business community.

As this infrastructure ages it needs to be rehabilitated or replaced. Failure to plan adequately puts at risk the quality of the services the community currently enjoys, and ultimately could jeopardize the economic foundation enjoyed by residents and tourists. We’re taking important steps to proactively care for this infrastructure in a sustainable manner, through an Asset Management Program.

A set of activities that help plan for the current and long-term investment needs of a community’s infrastructure (also known as assets). Infrastructure includes categories such as roads, water systems, sewer systems and community buildings.

Asset management helps answer questions such as:

  • What infrastructure or assets do we own?
  • What are our assets worth?
  • What condition are they in?
  • Where are we deficient?
  • What assets will need to be replaced/repaired and when?
  • What will it cost?

We’ll be sharing more information about infrastructure in our community over the next year, so keep your eyes open.


The District of Vanderhoof will accepts Grant in Aid applications for the next fiscal year up until October of the current year. All grant in aid applicants will be called to present to Council in November. Council will consider all applications during budget deliberations and approved applicants will be notified.

Grant-In-Aid Policy & Application

Grant Writer

The Districts’ Grant Writer is available to assist non-profit groups in the community in achieving their goals.

The Grant Writer can assist in the following areas:

  • Research funding opportunities that work for your organization
  • Write grant applications and budgets
  • Ensure you meet deadlines and all necessary documents are submitted
  • Navigate reporting requirements

Grant Writer Assistance Form

Financial Bylaws & Reports

The 2019 Citizen Budget closed on March 8, thank you to everyone who participated! We look forward to developing this tool further, and continuing to engage with Vanderhoof residents regarding the budget process. When the 2019 budget is approved, it will be published on this page under Financial Bylaws.

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