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Municipal HallCouncil Committees & Task Forces

Council Committees

Council committees are created under the Community Charter to provide an opportunity for members of the public to work collaboratively and provide advice on matters referred to them by the Council through their Terms of Reference.

Current Active Committees

Attraction & Retention Committee

The purpose of the Attraction and Retention Committee is to have a dedicated body that will focus on the attraction and retention of working professionals in the District of Vanderhoof.

This Committee shall:

  • collaborate with segments of the various industries within the community to create an attraction video(s) of Vanderhoof and its resources to encourage the retention of professionals;
  • promote the permanent livability of Vanderhoof to industrial workers;
  • advocate for effective Broadband connectivity in Vanderhoof;
  • strengthen stakeholder and industry partnerships to promote a better Vanderhoof;
  • To explore new opportunities for growth and untapped markets for the potential of attracting new residents outside of employment;
  • To develop a marketing “attraction” package for company/ stakeholder usage to aid in own recruitment with benefits to living and working in Vanderhoof

A&R Terms of Reference

Environment Committee

The Environment Committee will stay informed of environmental activities including, but not limited to, airshed and air quality, the Nechako watershed, solid waste and recycling, and brownfields impacts in Vanderhoof.This Committee shall:

  • the protection, conservation, and enhancement of airshed in Vanderhoof in accordance with the British Columbia provincial air quality standard PM 2.5;
  • the preservation and enhancement of the Nechako watershed;
  • innovative solutions and advocacy regarding brownfields in Vanderhoof;
  • the management, and where necessary, improvement of solid waste and recycling in Vanderhoof.

Environment Terms of Reference

Revitalization Committee

The Revitalization Committee will actively engage in the revitalization of prime locations including, but not limited to, the Highway 16 Corridor, downtown core, parks, open spaces, and streets within the municipal boundary.This Committee shall:

  • engage with business owners including, but not limited to, those along the Highway 16 Corridor to better understand revitalization from the perspective of business-owners and their customers;
  • develop a revitalization strategy to promote and implement initiatives focused on the beautification and safety of the Highway 16 Corridor;
  • review and recommend revitalization initiatives of District-owned and District-leased dilapidated and unoccupied infrastructures and lands along the Highway 16 Corridor;
  • promote the beautification and revitalization of other locations within the municipal boundary including the downtown core, parks, open spaces, and streets or as identified by the Committee or Council.

Revitalization Terms of Reference

Tourism Committee

The purpose of the Tourism Committee is to have a dedicated body that will provide advice to the Council and establish, through a panel of representatives from stakeholders in the community, a path to achieve greater tourism prosperity for the District of Vanderhoof.

This Committee shall:

  • Develop and implement a Tourism plan, Tourism Package, and employment package to attract visitors and potential new residents for the District;
  • To identify and provide recommendations on opportunities that will improve tourism services and serve as support for Vanderhoof and Area Tourism Services;
  • Work cooperatively to develop Vanderhoof as a tourism destination through collaboration between the committee, local Tourism sector, Regional Tourism Advisory and Regional Economic Development Advisory Committees, Vanderhoof Visitor Centre, surrounding municipalities and the Saik’uz First Nation;
  • Create an attractive investment environment for all tourism stakeholders;
  • Promote the District and attract tourism businesses, investment, and visitors;

Tourism Terms of Reference

Interested in participating in a committee?
We encourage residents to participate in committees on subject matters they are passionate about. Please fill out an application form to be added to our Committee Member Index. While we may not have space for new committee members at this time, we will keep your information on file in case there is a vacancy.
Application Forms

Task Forces

When the need arises, the Mayor’s office will ask for community members to join a task force, a group that works together for a set amount of time to work on a single defined task or issue.

Current Seeking Task Force Members!

Council Remuneration Task Force

Task Force Vision:
The Council Remuneration Task Force is to provide an unbiased and reasonable review of the Mayor and Council’s remuneration and expense policies conducted each year when a general local election is to be held.

Task Force Mandate:
A Council Remuneration Task Force consisting of representatives from the community at large shall convene in the year when a general local election is to be held. The Task Force shall review the Council’s remuneration and expense policies with the objective of presenting recommendations on its findings to the Council with any changes to be in effect for January of the following year of the inaugural Council meeting.

This Task Force requires mandatory attendance for all meetings times. During the first meeting, a Chair of the Task Force will be decided. The Chair of the Task Force will be required to present the findings of the Task Force.

Meeting times for this Task Force are:

  • First meeting: Friday, May 20th, 2022 at 12:00 PM
  • Second meeting: Friday, May 27th, 2022 at 12:00 PM
  • Third Meeting: Friday, June 3rd, 2022 at 12:00 PM
  • Presentation of Findings: Monday, June 13th, 2022  that the June 13th Regular Council Meeting.

Council Remuneration Terms of Reference

Interested in applying for the Task Force?

Please fill out the form below with all required information, and click submit to complete your application. The Deputy Corporate Officer will be in touch on the status of your application.

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