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March 31, 2022Council Highlights – March 28th, 2022 Regular Council Meeting

Watch the March 28th, 2022, Regular Council Meeting
Council Meeting Video


Vanderhoof Search & Rescue -2021 Year in Review
The Vanderhoof Search & Rescue presented the organization’s year in review for its operations in 2021. Council acknowledged the hard work and dedication that the members had demonstrated over the year.

Cathy Peters – Human Trafficking
Cathy spoke about the growing rates of human trafficking in British Columbia and the number of requests supporting advocacy for this issue. Council requested that Cathy’s request be brought forward for Council discussion at the next regular Council meeting.

Committee Reports

March 9th, 2022 Revitalization Committee Meeting Action Items
The Revitalization Committee has recommended that L&M Engineering is contacted to provide a conceptual design for Highway 16 with a project work plan focusing on sidewalks, pathways, and crosswalks. Councillor Murphy spoke on the action items wished for by the Committee for the Highway 16 Corridor. Council asked if there is an opportunity to put in green spaces along the area. Councillor Murphey elaborated on the actual size of the corridor and that because of its size, it was unlikely that there would be space for green spaces.

Results:  Council has approved the recommendation and directed staff to contact L&M about potentially being contracted for the conceptual design for the Highway 16 corridor.

March 10th, 2022 Environment Committee Meeting Action Item
The Revitalization Committee has recommended to Council that the District prioritize the discussion of single-use pallets for the Ministry of Environment at the 2022 Union of British Columbia Municipalities Conference.

Results: Council has approved the recommendation.

Correspondence for Discussion

2022 Dry Grad Committee Request
Results: Council has waived the arena fees for the 2022 Nechako Valley Secondary School Dry Grad for the grad class of 2022.

Old Business

Movies in the Park
Council asked if staff could hold the events earlier in the year to have more community engagement. Staff reported that they are currently looking up what is available to update the equipment to have more events during the year.

Results: Council directed staff to report back on the cost breakdown for upgraded audiovisual equipment for “Movies in the Park.”

New Business

Council Remuneration
Council Remuneration is compensation and benefits provided to the city council and is reviewed every term of the Council. Council discussed how the District used to use a “Task Force” to provide recommendations on Council Remuneration and expressed their desire to return to this method to receive feedback on the District’s current remuneration.

Results: Council directed staff to create the Council Remuneration Task Force to discuss the 2023 Council Remuneration and amend Bylaw 1193 (‘Council Remuneration’) and 1102(‘Remuneration & Expense’). Council has also directed to have access to Employee and Family Assistance and Accident and Sickness coverage under the District’s Employee Benefits Policy.

Cozy Corner Burrard Street Side Patio Application and Patron Participation Entertainment Endorsement Application
Council discussed the applications from Cozy Corner. Council spoke on how well the patios were received last year and further asked about the processes that businesses follow to get access to a curbside patio. Council expressed their wishes for staff to draft up a bylaw to regulate curbside patios.

Results: Council direct staff to draft a letter of valid interest for Cozy Corner’s application for a permanent seasonal patio to be installed from April 1st to October 1st of each year, and there was no objection to Cozy Corner’s Patron Participation Entertainment Endorsement Application. Council has also directed staff to draft a curbside patio policy that requires businesses to apply annually for a patio permit. 

Vanderhoof Cultural Centre – Scope Ladder Items
Council discussed replacing the wooden boardwalk located at the museum with a concrete walkway and investigated cost-effective ways of achieving the alteration. In addition, the Council wanted to make sure there are two entry points to the Cultural Centre and direct walkways to the different buildings.

Council allocated an additional $151,000 from the Attraction and Retention Reserve and $12,600 from the Climate Action Reserve to fund the additional Solar System, Level II Chargers, Concrete Sidewalks and Two Custom Gallery Tables as part of the Cultural Centre Project.

Vanderhoof Cultural Centre Official Name
Council discussed moving forward with renaming the new Cultural Centre to better reflect the building’s purpose in operations.

Council has renamed the Vanderhoof Cultural Centre to the Vanderhoof Tourism and Cultural Centre.




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