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Nechako Valley Post Secondary Education Working Group

Welcome to the Webpage dedicated to the Education Plan to support Expanded Post Secondary Education Programming and Infrastructure in the Nechako Valley

Submit your ideas

  • Our consultants, Yates, Thorn & Associates, will be gathering the views of local and provincial key stakeholder, but we are interested in hearing from anyone and everyone in the Nechako Valley region.
  • To access an online survey, click here.

Please also feel free to send emails to the project consultant, Bob Yates.

Partner Links

CNC Nechako Campuses

CNC Prince George Campus

The District of Vanderhoof, on behalf of the Nechako Valley Post-Secondary Education Committee, has given the go-ahead to a study to expand the post-secondary education and training opportunities in the Nechako Valley.

This website will enable members of the public and stakeholders:

  • To learn about the plan which is being prepared.
  • To read a range of newspaper and other articles which will help everyone understand the background context for both the increased emphasis worldwide on post-secondary education and what some of the options might be for the Nechako Valley.
  • To submit their thoughts and ideas about what post-secondary education programming is needed in the Nechako Valley.

Background Documents

Some Background Materials

Some recent news articles that you might be interested in reading: