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» 5. Investment Readiness and Investment Attraction

With funding help from the Provincial Government, we hired a Consultant to work with us to update our Community Profile. This document provides useful statistical information on our community for those that may be interested in relocating here for business or personal reasons.  We will update this document periodically to ensure that the information is relevant. To review a copy of these documents:

Vanderhoof Community Profile – December, 2010.

One of the common concerns for both businesses and residents is the availability of affordable housing. We determined that it would be helpful to have a public document that was easily readable that provides this type of information. We again received some financial help from the Province of BC to hire a Consultant to put this together for us. 


Vanderhoof Residential Assessment – March 2011 – R. Radloff & Associates Inc.

The above report confirms that Vanderhoof is “well positioned” to meet the forecasted demand for housing in our community to 2020 based on existing inventory and proposed developments.  We will, however, be challenged to meet projected demands for rental accommodations should proposed industrial developments become a reality and there appears to be an opportunity for developers in this area.  The average selling price has increased dramatically over the past five years however it is still very reasonable when compared to other communities in the Province.
Rental properties range from an average of $493/month for a bachelor suite to $619/month for a two bedroom and based on an assessment by the property owners half of the rental units surveyed were identified as being in good or new condition. 

We recognize the negative impact that Brownfields (specifically former service station sites) are having on our Highway corridor and have been working with the BC Brownfield Renewal Strategy to learn more about this issue and potential mitigation strategies. One of the property owners has expressed some interest in working with us to explore options for these sites and we are in the process of arranging a preliminary meeting to discuss this further.

The District of Vanderhoof is also gathering information on various revitalization bylaws that can be implemented to encourage investment in such things as industry expansion, housing and commercial enterprises. Further details will be forthcoming on this.