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» 3. Airport Development

We have received an exemption from the Agriculture Land Commission to allow non-agricultural use of a portion of the airport lands.  We completed a marketing study to identify potential opportunities for growth in aviation related businesses and are now working on zoning, bylaws, determination of service requirements and potential costs of development in order to market some of this property to interested parties.

We are also active on an Airport Development Working Group with the Omineca Beetle Action Coalition (OBAC) that will undertake a study of all airports within the OBAC Region to provide recommendations on niche market opportunities, facility upgrades, regulation issues and potential funding sources.

Various reports related to the upgrading of the airport are available here.

VANDERHOOF AIRPORT - LAND USE AND DEVELOPMENT PLAN - March 2010 – EBA Engineering Consultants Limited.

Airport Marketing Study – Understanding Vanderhoof’s Competitive Advantage – March 2011 – Wave Point Consulting Ltd.