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» 1. Educational Initiatives

On May 5th, 2011 a meeting was called by Mayor Gerry Thiessen and Municipal Council to ascertain the degree of community interest and support for expanding Post Secondary Education in Vanderhoof and the Nechako Valley.  The meeting was well attended with representation from a wide spectrum of industry, community, education and business interests.  Participants expressed a need to expand the post-secondary education and training opportunities in the Nechako Valley through the development of new programs and facilities that would support trades and technical training, broaden links to advanced education programs and form ongoing student and stakeholder relations.

To further this aim, the Nechako Valley Post Secondary Education Committee (NVPSEC) was formed. Community members including Gary Blattner, former Director of CNC Nechako; Lori Borth, Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources and Alan Fitzpatrick, General Manager of L&M Lumber took the lead along with Mayor Gerry Thiessen; John Bowman, President of CNC; Ray LeMoigne, President of SD#91 Business Company; Maureen Mallais, Director of CNC Nechako Campus; Val Erickson, Project Planner for CNC Nechako and Kathie LaForge, Economic Development Officer. New members being added as identified.

To expand the post-secondary education and training opportunities in the Nechako Valley.

Education forms the foundation of a productive, successful and healthy society.  Communities, businesses, industries and governments that place a high priority on individual skills and academic achievement continue to thrive in the ever changing job and living environment.  Expanding education opportunities, building collaborative shared education infrastructure, and planning well for current and future skill demands help to ensure an economically and socially viable community.

With the support of the Nechako Valley Post Secondary Education Committee (NVPSEC), the District of Vanderhoof plans to hire a consultant to develop an education plan that identifies the Nechako Valley as a priority for increased investment in post secondary education and infrastructure.  We are in the process of securing funds for this purpose with a goal of being able to recruit the Consultant early in 2012.

The Education Plan will include broad community and stakeholder participation in the identification of post secondary training needs to meet the labour force demands now and into the future.  It will then explore ways to respond to these training needs through innovative uses of infrastructure, technology and human resources as well as partnerships with industry, educational institutions and government.