District of Vanderhoof - Message

December 2014

Happy Holidays

On behalf of Mayor and Council, may you have a happy holiday season with friends and family. The theme I would like to share in this message from council, is one of community. Like so many of you, braving the cold and participating in our annual parade of lights is always a highlight of my year, factoring in the candy and Santa of course. This annual event is one of many that our community hosts throughout the year, however, be the event small or large they all serve to highlight the character, the sense of community, the ideal of giving back, and overall kindly demeanor of the so many people who call Vanderhoof home. These many hardworking community minded volunteers put on events such as the Nechako Exhibition, airshow, car drags, concert in the park, Natural Resource golf event, snowmobile drags, pumpkin walk, parade of lights, Ididalap for cancer, children’s hospital fundraiser and a whole host of sporting events year after year. All of these, and the many that I have invariably missed, make Vanderhoof what it is to not only us as residents but to the many who come from outside our community to participate in the events we hold. Of course, there is always more to do, more to try and accomplish and more to strive for to be an even more inviting and inclusive community. However, we have much to be proud of in our small community and as we cap this year off and begin to look to the next, let us all look back and reflect upon the so many good things about our home town, Vanderhoof.

Happy Holidays

~ Councillor Darren Carpenter