District of Vanderhoof - Message

May-June 2013

P3’s - Pool, Paving and Planning

When you Google P3 you get a dozen different responses. For Council this year P3 means Pool, Paving and Planning. These are the main areas that Council has been working on for 2013.

P1 Following the very successful Pool Referendum in February, Council immediately started planning our next steps. We decided we needed to work on two fronts, first the planning and construction of the Aquatic Centre, and secondly on fundraising for the remaining capital costs required to build the facility. Council realised that in order to get the capital required we would need financial assistance from the province. Often there are things outside of Council’s control and this spring that was the provincial election. Our new MLA and the new Minister responsible for municipalities need a little time to get settled. Another funding source that Council is looking at is local corporations; in preliminary discussions they were all very encouraging about working with us. Unfortunately 2013 is a time of exploration in mining and retooling in forestry and other industry. We have been asked to come back this fall, at that time we will present a formal application to both government and local companies.

This spring, Council entered into a contract with Venture Pacific Construction Management in partnership with Bruce Carscadden Architect Inc. (these companies are associated with PERC Consulting the firm that prepared the Aquatic Centre Feasibility Study). Venture Pacific will coordinate the geotechnical site analysis and the Schematic Design Phase. We feel that some strong decisions have been made, and we are excited as we move forward step by step on making the Aquatic Centre a reality.

P2 You will have noticed a number of streets getting a new layer of pavement. Council spent a number of evenings working on the 5 year capital plan. This outlines Council’s plan for renewing our infrastructure, which includes water and sewer. We were pleasantly surprised when staff came back last week and informed us that if we added a bit more to the paving budget we could get a fair bit more paving this year. Paving is almost complete and seal coating will happen later in the summer.

P3 Planning, this year seems to have a full case load. Not only the 5 year plan on infrastructure, and then last week we approved our 2014 Statement of Goals and objectives. Now we are back doing our Official Community Plan (OCP). The OCP is the document that helps Council to define the direction for the municipality for the next five to ten years. Over the next couple of months Council will be offering the community a number of opportunities to provide input into this process. This really is a community plan and it requires community involvement or else it will be just Council’s plan. It is important that we hear from you about the direction you believe that Council should go. Please watch for the opportunities for public input and let us know what you think. Once Council has completed the First Draft of the OCP it will be available on our web site. We hope you take the time to review it and then take advantage of the opportunity to provide Council feedback.

Yes P3 can mean just about anything, but today in Vanderhoof it stands for Pool, Pavement and Planning!

~ Mayor Gerry Thiessen