District of Vanderhoof - Council Message

March 2012 - Councillor Frenkel

“The community which has neither poverty nor riches will always have the noblest of principles” ~ Plato.

With the ever-changing world around us, we as a community are expected to adapt to increased demands in our lives, whether those demands involve the climate, economy, technology or our environment. Vanderhoof is a community that has continually risen to the challenge.

During the past couple of months Council has developed a new strategic plan, in part to adapt to increased demands, but mostly to give us some guiding principles for the next three years. Strategies have been developed to guide us through four main categories: Environmental Sustainability, Economic Development, Social and Cultural Diversity and Governance.

While strategic planning is one effort that Council uses to help guide our community though some of these hurdles, we depend on the residents and volunteers of the community to keep us informed.
Communication is always key to success and our Council is diligent in maintaining open communication. We realize that every resident of Vanderhoof may not be up to date with what Council is trying to accomplish and in turn, Council does not assume to know all that may be impacting our residents. We depend on each other to exchange information and provide direction.

We are energized as a Council and look forward to facing new challenges such as: mid-term timber supply, health care, mining development, agriculture opportunities, attraction and retention of our workforce, recreation and public safety. Together we will make Vanderhoof a better place to be.

We encourage you to ask for a copy of the strategic plan and direct any questions or concerns to Mayor and Council or a municipal staff member.

Have a great spring!

Councillor Brian Frenkel