District of Vanderhoof - Council Message

December 2011

We still won't wait.

We are known as the ‘Town That Wouldn’t Wait’. 2011 saw Vanderhoof not wait for anyone.
We have seen our town mature in many ways, such as the environment. We have developed more walking trails, new sidewalks, and access to wetlands. Corporations like Canfor, L & M Lumber, and West Fraser have all been working on the construction of some type of energy generation. The Nechako Waste Reduction Initiative has developed more options for recycling than our valley has ever had.

We saw the mining industry make some great steps forward with names like Endako Mines, Mt. Milligan, New Gold and the Chu Project. Our airport saw more development than we have seen since the Second World War. The forest industry has made some huge steps forward, which hopefully will put us in good standing for many years to come.

The next year will have lots of excitement which will require lots of community involvement. We are planning a major revitalization of Riverside Park, with portable band stand and toilets, exercise equipment, and the levelling of the inside of the track to accommodate a playing field in the future. During Spring we plan to have a referendum on an Aquatic Centre. We expect a Sturgeon Recovery Centre with an education centre to start construction.

We are meeting on a monthly basis with a group of local business and educational leaders to find a solution for our need for technical training in Vanderhoof. These are truly exciting times.
We have focused on building a community that attracts and retains families to Vanderhoof, and in recent provincial statistics we rank as the community with the lowest taxes of ten northern communities. When you see the activity that is all around us it is hard sometimes to take a deep breath and just be thankful.

In closing I would like to thank three men who have given a lot for this town: Jim Woodruff, Jack French, and Frank Read combined have given about 70 years to the governance of Vanderhoof. They and their families have sacrificed a lot. Over the past three years Councillors Carpenter, Levy, Little and myself have gained a lot from their knowledge and wisdom.
The future looks bright. I believe we have a council that has the ability to make good decisions. If our community is to be great, each citizen of Vanderhoof needs to be involved and I look forward to working together.

On behalf of Council, Staff and my family I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas, and I look forward to working with you this coming year.

Mayor Gerry Thiessen