District of Vanderhoof - Council Message

March 2011

A note on volunteering

Now that spring is clearly on its way we can start to look forward to participating in different and perhaps new activities as the weather changes. I admit as I am writing this it is snowing outside but hopefully by the time it goes to print we will have significant MELT.

That brings to mind an important project that Council has been working on for some time now: flood mitigation. We recently reviewed the new Flood Mitigation Strategy for Vanderhoof and will be moving forward with its implementation. This means your Council will be approaching the Provincial Government for support on this important issue. As the spring freshet starts I am sure many of us cast our minds back to 2007 and the stress of that year. The good news is that so far this year the snow pack is not even close to that of the record level of 2007.

Along with the trying times, thoughts of the flood also bring to mind the unbelievable community support we experienced. The volunteers that worked tirelessly to make the outcome of that summer a good one were amazing. I still think back with admiration and gratitude to the people who helped.
We have many volunteers that work in our community all the time. Some of the groups I am personally acquainted with are the Nechako Waste Reduction Initiative, the Friends of the Library, and Nechako Valley Search & Rescue. These are just a few groups of a huge community of volunteers and volunteer organizations in Vanderhoof.

The Nechako Waste Reduction Initiative has been working now for several years to improve recycling and waste reduction opportunities in Vanderhoof. Please consider joining in on the upcoming Community Clean up on April 16. We have a great town but it can be better with your participation.
The Friends of the Vanderhoof Public Library is another group that has quietly been making a difference by raising money for items the library needs that are not covered by grants. They hold several fundraising events each year including the Library Garden Tour & Tea, the Loonie Book sale, and, for the past couple of years, "A Reading of a Christmas Carol". Please continue to support these efforts, which in turn support our local library.

Nechako Valley Search & Rescue is always on call in the event someone goes missing, but they also join together with the Volunteer Fire Department to make up our Swiftwater Rescue and Flat Ice Rescue Teams.

I can not possibly list all the volunteer groups that make our community such a vibrant and healthy place to live, so please look around you, ask questions and perhaps consider participating in a volunteer activity this summer that you are interested in. You can contact Volunteer Vanderhoof (vlntrvanderhoof@gmail.com) for more information about volunteering. Through volunteering, you will meet great people, you will be doing something you enjoy, and you will be making a positive contribution to our community.

Remember council meetings are the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month starting at 5:00 pm and everyone is welcome to attend.

Councillor Louise Levy