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Vanderhoof Airport

The Vanderhoof Airport is located 6.5 km to the north of downtown Vanderhoof.  The Airport has a 5,018 foot long paved runway and two grass runways, one 5,200 feet and the other 3,200 feet in length. The airport is equipped with airport lighting, an All Weather Observation Station and more recently, still cameras capturing the real time conditions at the airport.  The Vanderhoof Airport serves the community’s general, social and business aviation needs. These include recreation, charter flights, corporate flights and medivac airlifts. The main airport tenants are Guardian Aerospace, a company offering pilot training, as well as aircraft charters; and the BID Hanger which has offices, a certified airplane mechanic, and fuel available for purchase. There are two groups with keen interest in the Airport, the Vanderhoof Flying Club, who also offer pilot training, and the Vanderhoof Airport Development Society. The airport is not equipped with a terminal, however there is a “Club House” with Wifi and washrooms. 

Airport Images

Vanderhoof Community 1st Load

Reference Image for CAU4 255 (click to enlarge)

Vanderhoof Community 1st Load

Reference Image CAU$ 183 (click to enlarge)

Vanderhoof Community 1st Load

Image from Sinkut Mountain (care-of School District 91)

Vanderhoof Community 1st Load

Water Aerodrome

The water aerodrome is located at the end of Recreation Ave. on the Nechako River.  A new dock has been installed and is in a convenient walking distance to town. Excellent landing and take-off areas.

Runway Closures

Please visit www.NavCanada.ca for current NOTAMS in place and updated information regarding the All Weather Observation System (AWOS) for Vanderhoof, CAU4.

Future Improvements

The District of Vanderhoof currently has an application in with the Agricultural Land Commission in order to remove a small parcel to the east of the Apron.  This area could potentially be used for a terminal and hangers in the future.

The District of Vanderhoof has applied to the Rural Dividend Fund for a small grant to help the District hire an engineering company to conduct a study on the airport to determine what upgrades are required. 

If you have any questions, feel free to call the District of Vanderhoof at 250-567-4711.